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We pride ourselves on having a huge repertoire, which is constantly evolving (it evolves faster than we can update our website, so its always worth asking if your favourite song is missing from this list, the chances are, we know it!). You can guarantee that if theres a new song thats hit the charts, gets your toe tapping and is a guaranteed floor filler, we will be playing it! 

However, here’s an idea below of what we love to do. Its also worth noting that we tend to have a very free and live vibe to us, more so than other bands you may see – we tend to change our setllist on each gig depending on the mood/age range of their guests, what seems to be going down well, any requests you’ve given us, and of course what takes our fancy – very often, even we don’t know whats coming next! If your audience become our muse and inspires us to do a breakdown sing-along-chorus, we'll do it. If your Uncle Peter is pulling out his air guitar from his air case, we'll be feeding his soul with some epic guitar solos until Aunt Susan says no more. We love to go with the flow!

Recent Chart Hits



Jazz, Swing & Chilled






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